Glen Turret & The Famous Grouse Experience

My final distillery stop in the Summer of 2014 was at Glen Turret & the Famous Grouse Experience.

They offer a great tour that made the trip worth while. It is said that Famous Grouse is the most popular blended whisky in the UK.

Some pictures




The obligatory, “I only bought one bottle, dear”


The Earl & Countess of Strathern are also known as William and Kate, they were at the distillery a couple of months ahead of us


Towser the Mouser.


I am only a hobbyist sampler, not affiliated with any distillery. This is only offered as a travelogue of my trip.

Aberfeldy & Dewar’s World of Whisky

On our ongoing trip across Scotland last summer, we were on our way to Blair Castle, and detoured into Aberfeldy, as we were drawn by the distillery.

We had lunch in the cafe, but alas, did not have time for a full tour. So the Customer Care Specialist let us look around the museum, and offered us a dram or two of whisky. The Highland Hospitality was on full display for us.

Some pictures of our visit.

2014-07-23 14.05.39

2014-07-23 14.06.55

2014-07-23 14.06.12

The ubiquitous pagoda at the distillery.

2014-07-23 14.07.40

2014-07-23 14.15.42

I only had one glass of whisky, dear šŸ™‚

2014-07-23 14.28.15

I am a hobbyist sampler, not affiliated with any distillery. This is offered only as a travelogue of my trip.

Macallan Distillery

I really meant to get more of my distillery tour up, but life got in the way! So, without further delay, my trip to The Macallan.

After we left Duffown back in July, we made a bee-line to see The Macallan, as that is the whisky of choice of my friend Bill. We got there only to find out you have to book a tour online, in advance! So we did not get to walk about the facility, but Jodie demonstrated the finest in Highland Hospitality, offered us a dram, and gave us a story just the same! Customer care at it’s finest!

The view from the parking lot

2014-07-18 15.28.53

Don’t remember the age, nor price of the bottle, but it was old and expensive!

2014-07-18 15.47.30

A view of the visitor centre


2014-07-18 15.51.53

More about TheĀ Macallan Distillery at their website.

I am a hobbyist sampler, not affiliated with any distillery. This is offered only as a travelogue of my trip.


Glenfiddich Distillery

Back in July, I travelled to Scotland with my friend Bill, and got to participate in my ABCD tour of the UK. That is, another bloody castle, another bloody church, and another bloody distillery.

We threw in some highland games and other tourist activities too!

After we left Aberdeen, we made our way to Dufftown, to see Glenfiddich. I wanted to see Balvenie too, but seriously closed on a Friday?

They offer free hour long toursĀ  every hour. You can take a longer paid tour if you are interested! Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and outgoing we got to see most of the operation of distillery, and it was very cool! At the end of the tour, you get to sample a 10, 15, and 18 year old whisky!

Some photos


The symbolic pagoda roof


A copper mash tun


Cool old delivery lorrie


Our sampling


Nice Glencairn glass, for those times you tell your wife you only had one šŸ™‚

You can check out their website at

I am a hobbyist sampler, not affiliated with any distillery. This is offered only as a travelogue Ā of my trip.


Hooray, it’s Friday night my brother

“Hooray, it’s Friday night my brother, have some whisky…”

The word’s immortalised by quintessential performers, Celtica | Pipes Rock. Ā From their song “Have Some Whisky“. Ā I was fortunate to see them perform live at the beginning of summer in Thunder Bay. Ā Believe me when I tell you, not a Friday has passed that I have not sung those lyrics in my head.

Their supplemental song is “Aye, Aye Capt’n“, which starts off “Let’s drink whisky all night long! Aye, Aye Capt’n”

The are great performers, check them out!